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About Air Conditioning

Australia is world famous as the sunburnt country. Depending on where you live in Australia, much of the country experiences relatively warm weather for a large portion of the year. Certainly in a country as large as ours, climate and weather conditions around Australia do vary considerably within regions and throughout the seasons.

If you’re in the north of the country, then it is tropical wet and dry seasons and in the south, it can be scorching summers with cool, wet winters. Either way, families and businesses across Australia are looking for ways to escape the heat and enjoy a comfortable temperature during work and play. Many of today’s modern air conditioning systems offer reverse cycle functionality, which is a perfect solution for getting year round use and value from your investment.

Energy efficiency of your Australian home
Energy efficiency is one of the major considerations when investing in a new air conditioning system. You need to not only consider the energy efficiency of the air conditioning system itself, but also the premises where it is being installed. Australian roofing is often made from tiles or steel, both of which offer different looks and benefits. You should also consider the direction that the building faces, and the location and size of facing windows. Consider their amount of direct exposure to the sun. They may receive some protection from the building eaves, surrounding trees or other features as well as taking advantage of available awnings or shades. Perhaps there is window tinting or the inside is well protected by heavy drapes or curtains. Remember that darker colours absorb more heat and lighter colours help reflect, and therefore remain cooler.

Energy efficiency of your air conditioning system
Your air conditioning specialist can give you professional advice about the energy usage and efficiency of different air conditioning units that are available. After sizing your unit, they will be able to give you an idea about average use costs based on standard usage. They can also provide you with information about the best way to use your unit, by maintaining a lower usage over a longer period rather than you have confirmed the size of the area you need to cover, you can then choose the most efficient model for the task.

There are three kinds of Energy Rating labels for air conditioners, and these use a star grading system to give you an indication of how energy efficient they are. The more stars, the more efficient they are. Air conditioning units offer a number of choices with cooling-only and reverse cycle options.

Choices in air conditioning systems
Most common in Australia are the split systems and ducted air conditioning systems. The use of inverters in the air conditioning units is also much more common.  Although these may initially cost more they generally provide better value in the long term allowing for extended use. They tend to be very efficient at part load operation, which is often the usage in a typical household where you live in a hot climate and have the unit running for a long period.

Air conditioner sizing
Sizing an air conditioner correctly is one of the most important steps of selecting your unit.  The output capacity is a measure of the amount of heat that will be removed (cooling) or added (heating) to the space.  The range you need will be dependent on your requirements. Output ranges are measured in kilowatts (kW), and as a rough guide it is recommended to have 125 watts (0.125kW) per square metre for your main living areas, and around 80 watts (0.080kW) for bedroom areas. As always, use these as guidelines only as your individual situation will determine the best solution to suit your needs.

Finding the right air conditioning company
Air conditioning companies across Australia can give you expert recommendations about the right type of air conditioning system to suit your particular needs. With, it is easy to compare obligation free quotes for all types of air conditioning requirements. Compare air conditioner prices in Australia for:

  • New air conditioning systems
  • Replacement air conditioning systems
  • Installation of air conditioning systems
  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Evaporative air conditioning systems
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning systems
  • Split system air conditioners